the alchemy

Made from natural elements, harvested ethically, to bring nature closer to you

the alchimie

Eco jewelry from nature, to you

Our essence

Leaves, flowers and seeds are ethically harvested in Brazilian forests, and done in partnership with local associations to ensure minimal environmental impact and preservation of local ecosystems

Every step of the process is thought out to be sustainable and responsible. It is our commitment to nature and to the planet

Thinking of the environmental impacts caused by the mining industry, and the extraction of precious metals, L’alchimie utilizes recycled gold in the production of our jewelry

Each piece is handcrafted one by one by brazilian artisans, who are part of the local community


Our production facilty is equiped with Ion technology, to wnable waste water treatment, and make it possible to recycle up to 5,000 liters per hour

To ensure a full sustainable cycle, we choose 100% recycled packaging


With the combination of natural leaves, and an artisanal process, every L’alchimie jewelry is unique and exclusive

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Ethically handmade; unique and elegant eco jewelry

our craft

Made from real leaves and
handcrafted by brazilian
artisans, L'alchimie has an
ethical harvest and production
process, with every piece of
jewelry in 18k recycled gold.

the alchimie
the alchimie

one tree planted

Thinking of giving back to our
planet, we have partnered with
One Tree Planted, a global initiative
focused on reforestation around
the globe. So with every piece of
jewelry sold, we plant one tree.

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