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- Plated in 18k Gold
- Nickel, cadmium and led free.
- Non allergenic.
- Our jewellery desing is organically based, so measures, shape and weight may vary slightly.


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all our products are ethically sourced read more

be sure to be acquiring an exclusive, unique piece that was made responsibly and with respect for the both the environment and for you. that’s why everything at l’alchimie is nickel, cadmium and led free, and therefore, non allergenic. all coated in 18k gold: made to last.

All our jewelry is coated in 18 carat gold or rose gold, or rhodium, 3 microns thick , thus guaranteeing a long life to your jewelry.

Our jewelry is designed from an organic base (leaf, seed, flower), which may cause a difference in shape and size on the pieces.

Our chains and bindings are made of brass and our imitation chamois cords are made of synthetic leather .

Our jewelry is guaranteed to be free from harmful metals and allergens (nickel, lead or cadmium).

We are very meticulous regarding the standards of production, however it is normal that a piece of jewelry worn on a daily basis shows signs of wear.
Here are a few tips for maintaining it and keeping it in perfect condition for as long as possible:
Your L’alchimie jewellery are unique and precious pieces, created from nature’s elements, so they cannot be repaired in case they break it. Despite their solidity, don't forget that inside your jewellery is a very delicate part of nature, so be cautious and kind. In order for your jewel to retain all its shine, we advise you to avoid any contact with sea water, swimming pools, aggressive chemicals such as detergents, hydroalcoholic gels, lotions, perfumes and cosmetic products. We also recommend that you wear your jewellery after your beauty treatment and remember to take it off when you go to bed.
Avoid wearing them during exercise or intense activity, as the body heat and sweat could damage the piece.
When you are not wearing your jewellery, it is highly recommended to store it in its original pouch, away from other jewellery that could alter their surface, and also to avoid scratches.
To clean your jewellery, a soft, dry cloth is enough to revive the shine of the Gold which takes on a slight patina over time.

We offer a 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturing defect.
Any damage resulting from misuse or accident cannot be covered.
The warranty does not include aging, wear and alteration in color and shine due to poor use or maintenance.
For any after-sales service request concerning a piece of your L’alchimie jewellery, please send an email to
We kindly ask you to specify your order number, to explain the problem you are having with your jewellery, and to attach one or more photos precisely showing the defect. Your request will be processed as soon as possible and we will instruct you on what steps to take.
If your return is approved, a prepaid label and a return form will be emailed to you.
All jewellery must be returned in its original pouch.
L’alchimie declines all responsibility for the absence or insufficiency of packaging and damage, loss or theft during transport.
Any product returned without acceptance of our services or the brand will not be refunded.
The warranty entitlement is determined upon receipt of the jewellery and after examination of the product by our team.
If it is established that there is a material or manufacturing defect, a gift voucher for the amount paid * at the time of your purchase will be sent to you by email, valid for 6 months at our online store.
* We base ourselves on the amount paid (excluding shipping costs) and not on the price of the jewellery (if promotional codes were applied at the moment of purchase).
If you have received a defective piece of jewellery, you have 14 days to request a refund.
After 14 days, the procedure is to issue a gift card valid for 6 months, to be used at our online store.